Elif Harman is raised in a Scandinavian and Eastern European environment as a Stylist and Red carpet stylist from one of the top Academy´s in Sweden: Björn Axen and even Fashion and Design Courses In Santa Monica College. With many years experience in the Beauty industry she has dedicated most of her time in the editorial world and being fortunate to work with some of Europe´s best known faces. Elif also worked for the Oscars 2017.

Passionate about her craft, she constantly researches new ways of expressing and caring for fashion and beauty on the basis of contemporary ideas and trends. She gets her inspiration for travels all around the world. For her dressing up is about feeling powerful and stand out. When she visit a new city she love to buy beautiful and special dresses.

The idea is that you can rent a dress in an easy way and not spend too much money to “be Cinderella for one day”, or find the perfect dress for a party, wedding and other events. This is a great way to care about recycling and not waste a lot of money on expensive dresses that you use just one time.